The Gypsy in my soul……

As I sit here two finger typing surrounded by packing cases, bubble wrap, pink string and sealing wax, slowly losing the will to live, I ask myself WHY ?  Why in the name of all thats holy have I moved so many times in my ‘adult’ life.  Since the age of twenty one, when I was first married, I have moved seventeen times !! Now (dear reader) if this is not exceptional please tell me .

My Dad has lived for sixty five years in the same house he and my late Mum moved into just after World War Two. They spent fifty two years of their fifty seven years together in this house.

Now I realise here that we are talking about different worlds really with (certainly) different expectations. My parents had just lived through all the violence and truamas the War had subjected them to that neither of them could have imagined when they first married. Therefore being offered a brand new home with hot and cold water and an inside loo and bathroom must have been heaven. They moved to a new area with hundreds of young couples all pretty much in the same position.Exciting times I’m sure.

My Dad must have a wealth of memories(most of them happy I’m sure) and that wrap around joy element of parenthood even though we were nine kids and none of us little angels (I would be the exception here!), he must know every nook and cranny of the house, probably on first name terms with all the house bricks too.

I, on the otherhand don’t appear to have the ability or need to attach myself to a particular place. Now don’t misunderstand me here, I have loved most, if not all the homes I’ve had in my life. I love to design, decorate and make my homes comfortable, its an absolute pleasure and something, I think I am quite good at too. If forced to analyse and comment on my approach to subject I think the one thing I would ‘admit ‘ is that I find the whole experience exciting and cathartic.! Is this where they send in the men in white coats ?

Now this is somewhat disconcerting actually, when you realise that moving house is the second most stressful situation we put ourselves through, second only to marriage !! Well now, discretion and self preservation forbids me to comment further on this subject not withstanding the fact that I can feel Pauls eyes boring into whats left of my brain, as we speak !!

We are both really looking forward to being in our new home, with views of Table Mountain from one balcony and looking up at Signal Hill from the other…..what’s not to love ?  So dear reader….wish us luck and lets hope the rain stays away and good fortune comes to stay …MOY PRONTO POR FAVOR !!

This could be our last move for some time as we hope to settle here…..whats that I hear from Natalie and Allens corner….vamos haber ?? I really should settle down before I get too old to dream….whenever that is.

See you on the other side boys and girls, have a great weekend, I don’t expect I will be blogging for the next couple of days……have we organised the electricity supply and do the wine merchants deliver one wonders ??


Vistas Bed and Breakfast in Glencairn (Simons Town)

Great friends of ours, Caroline and Alan, have a beautiful B & B high up on the mountainside in Glencairn. The accomodation is well appointed, everything you need plus some of the most spectacular ‘vistas’ (get it ?) in the area. There is a self catering option with the stunning pool suite as well as full b & b facilities in the other rooms.
Vistas is perfectly placed for access to the southern peninsular attractions as well as breathtaking drives along the coast roads to the wine estates of Stellenbosch and beyond.

Caroline and Alan are the perfect hosts, having first hand knowledge of almost all(it must be said!!) the wine estates and places of interest that may not be on the ‘tourist routes’.

You can find them on…..Great for a ‘getaway weekend’.

Tell them I sent you, see how quickly the wine glasses appear….its magic !!

New movie ….Boy Wonder…(new to me at least!)

Looking at the title and the DVD cover had me more than a little apprehensive I must say.! ( I know …book…cover etc.) Anyway what a great movie this turned out be.Intriguing,suspenseful (is that a word? it is now !). Featuring a excellent new actor to me, Caleb Steinmeyer. What a clever actor he is. I use the word clever because he has a lot of Montgomery Clift (ask your Mum) about him without exploiting the nervous pout that made Monty so famous,that and his stunning good looks of course!
Great plot with numerous twists and turns, do you yourself a favour and treat yourself to a night in watching I’m sure, a big star of the future.

You can tell its winter in Cape Town, all we do is watch movies and drink red wine waiting for the stunning Spring to appear….not long now !!

T.V. series…Newsroom.

I love this new American series written by Aaron Sorkin. It has everything a good series should have including first class actors like Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer.
The ‘plots’ are many and varied, a bit like life really and make for great T.V.
Emily Mortimer(Mac) is at times, a proper drama queen and this adds to the whole entertainment value of the series. One wonders how much of this is role or reality, GREAT STUFF……whats the point of being places if no one knows you’re there ?
There are some wonderful performances by all of the cast, I must say ,especially Dev Patel from the Exotic Marigold Hotel masterpiece.
Do yourself a favour people and pull up a comfy chair, open a good bottle of wine and ENJOY!!

Clifton Shores

Clifton shores has been long awaited, it certain circles, it seems. As reality shows are very popular (again in “certain circles”) I thought I would give it a go and see what all the hype is about. Sorry guys…..what a load of rubbish…really! Do people like to watch this stuff, honestly ??
The ‘plot’….You take four young American (what else?) young ladies, bimbettes,airheads, whatever the current terminology is for women of that ilk is. You put them on a plane to Africa and when they arrive you drive them from Cape Town airport, via Llanga (a township,for the uninitiated), why they drive through a towwnship is completely beyond my comprehension as there is one motorway directly from the airport to the city.!!
The dialoue goes along these lines…”OMG do people really live in places like this, it looks like a film set” and OMG (obligatory words it seems!) “theres wild animals are we safe here”? In fact these wild animals were domestic cows of the milking kind, obviously not a phenomena this young ladies are used to!!

Upon arrival at the hotel in Camps Bay, they proceed to drive the receptionist mad(her face is a picture) with their innane chatter always ending with a word that sounds like an accusation or a question, why is that I wonder ? This used to be an American affliction now, it seems, its international !!

Hopefully the next time I have to watch this kind of drivvel is when I’m in an old peoples home picking the heads off daisies and I wont care.!!

Take me back to the relative sanity of 7 de laan, por favor !!