Last night I went to the Maynardville production of this Shakespearian Classic. I say “finally” because, I’m ashamed to admit, that this is the first time I have seen the play…..Shock horror Tony, go to the back of the class and lose ten house points !!!

I went with Giovanna, a good friend of mine, at her suggestion as she had studied the classics at University in Venice. I think she thought I needed a little culture, I think we all do from time to time. Man cannot live on Dusty Springfield, Isabel Allende alone !!

We actually started the evening in the far east, at a delightful Thai restaurant close by in Chelsea Village, Erawan. What a stunning place. The decor is superb, very oriental (of couse) but at the same time stylish and very relaxing. Beautifully clad young ladies in traditional Thai dress and enigmatic serene smiles.
The food was superb, beautifully presented, elegantly served and full of flavour. WE WILL RETURN !!!

Now where was I ? oh yes, the Bard…I really enjoyed the play, the scenery the special effects and in particular the lighting created by Malcolm Hurdel. The ‘fairies’ were in and out of the trees and bamboos, loved it !

I, in particular loved the introduction of ‘local characters’ in the giuse of Bottom (a coloured Bokkie) and Helena as an Africaans drama Queen. Maybe the purists amongst you will curse or have a touch of the vapours I don’t know, but I loved it (when in Rome etc.)

Special mentions to ; Anthea Thompson as Titania, Alexander Duncan as a very energetic Puck, Warrwick Grier as Oberon and Stacey Sachs as the long suffering ‘maisie’ Helena.
I think a special thank you to the Director Freda Abrahamse is in order, not an easy task, I’m sure, following the plot but creating a “Cape Town” stamp for it. Loved it, thank you all so much.

Madame Zingaras Magic Spell ~

A group of us had the extreme pleasure of going to see The Madame Zingara extravaganza @ The V & A a couple of nights ago. What an absolute pleasure. From the first steps on to the ‘set’ you feel a special part of this major production(always wanted to tread the red carpet) !!

We had reserved a booth which I think was a very good idea in that we had a birds eye view as it where, of the whole proceedings. From the first few minutes it was ‘FULL ON’, right up my street for sure and, I think, just about everyone in the place.
The food was really good considering there must have been 300+ guests. The service was excellent and so was the wine…..and so much of it (why do we do this??)

ALL the acts appearing in this burlesque extravaganza were great, so talented and glamorous. Whoever is responsible for this production deserves a gold star at the very least, well done.

My particular favourites were; Cathy Specific , I just love it when these ‘Ladies’do that to Internationally known names and spin it their way ?? Such glamour and near the knuckle banter, whats a girl to do ? Go with the flow dahling, go with the flow.

The Specifics, are a group of four Ladies that sing as a backup in numerous spots but also have their own “fifteen minutes” and quite rightly too. They sing everything from 1940s swing to 50s rock,60’s Motown and up to date and they do it so well. Well done girls, look forward to seeing you again.

Miles and George are a truly fantastic human juggling act, and Oh ..those Russians…..three guys with super bodies and super human strength, amamzing really. One of our guests Michelle is still in a coma after drooling over the rippling muscles, I have to say that I’m not too far behind her !! The Mongolian Princess was absolutely breathtaking in her flexibility and acrobatics, her costumes were stunning.

All in all a great night out……don’t miss it !!!!



A couple of days ago two Lady friends and I had the pleasure of ‘doing lunch’ at Majeka House restuarant in the Paradyskloof area of Stellenbosch.
A truly beautiful location in what would appear to be just another smart residential area of Stellenbosch. Majeka House has an intimate elegance and style that one could be forgiven for thinking was only seen on films sets nowadays.
The interior design is the brainchild of ex Visi man Etienne Hannekom, his slightly funky, left of centre approach I love. The pool area is a delight, (I particularly loved the leafy openwork design of the parasols) and so perfect for a relaxing glass of wine (in our case The Foundry Viognier).Que luquo guapiton.

However, the main reason we were there was to eat ! A kind of pre Valentines Day lunch that only a man and two Lady friends can have without the encumberance of husbands !! Sorry Fabio and Alan you know I mean nothing tooooo personal here.

It is a delight to see rabbit on a menu in these days of politically correct menus (sorry Natalie) and the ‘study of rabbit’ really was superb. As was the Majeka Nigiri, it certainly looked divine but as Sushi is not a food I take to I had to take the word of my guests instead. My chicken breast creation was so tasty and delightfully presented it was almost a shame to eat it…..BUT I MANAGED !!!
I ordered the ‘Fifty shades of chocolate’ dessert for myself because the Ladies, almost in unison,”couldn’t eat another thing”….They did however manage to “help me with it”, no suprise really because it looked and tasted divine.

The Chef at Majeka House (Tanja Kruger) really has to be congratulated on the diversity and creativity of her menu, well done. The hosts Kareen and Lloyd are to be congratulated not only on the warm welcome extended but their foresight and style.

Majeka House also offers beautifully appointed accomodation in a wonderfully peaceful setting.
Thank you everyone at Majeka House for making our afternoon with you so memorable.And…….my Ladies for being such glamorous company, as ever. Hasta pronto.

We will return………. x

The Caeser Salad Saga…………

Yesterday, on the way back to Town, we took the scenic route via Franshhoek. I love the drive over the pass from Villiersdorp and always look forward to a late lunch in the Town.

We were unable to find a table in Le Quartier Francais (note to onesself…..MAKE A RESERVATION NEXT TIME TONY !!!!)
We then wandered into Ruebens. We haven’t been to this one for some time although we often call in at The Robertson Small Hotel which has a Ruebens there.
Luckily we know the Manager in Franshhoek (Martell) and were shown to a table immediately, dontcha just love it when that happens ?
The food was superb. I had two starters as is often with me (have to look after my girlie figure!) Hake fritters with pea and truffle soup. The soup was in a small glass with a foam ‘head’ and the combination was beautiful. I followed with, yes you’ve guessed it…..a caeser salad. NOW YOU’RE TALKING…….look and learn oh ye of little experience !!
The lettuce was crisp, the bacon in small pieces,the chicken breast succulent, the anchovy divine and the crutons crispy and flavoursome. A home made dressing with grated Parmesan completed this dish. “not at all difficult to prepare or to source the correct ingredients”. I rest my case !!
Denis chose the butternut and tomato ravioli which I am assured was delicious. Paul chose the honey smoked Salmon with, pureed potato with garlic butter AND>>>(carb heaven Natalie) twice fried chips with parmesan, to dip into the puree!!! All washed down with a glass of Cap Classique (or two) and then suitably refreshed vamos a la Cuidad de Cabo.
The perfect way to end a perfect weekend….well almost as we did have to pop in to 15 on Orange to meet with a couple of clients and that led to the inevitable ‘copita’ or two…Whats a girl to do ??xx

Temenos revisited………. and why not ??

We had another relaxing and overindulgent weekend at Temenos over the past few days. It is an absolute delight to spend time in such a relaxing and welcoming space. I think we ‘did our bit’ for the local wine indusrty this weekend too. The one that stands out for me has to be Life from stone a delightful Sauvignan Blanc from the Springfield (where else) Estate. A really crisp, flinty but fragrant wine that just makes you wonder “why dont we drink this more often”??

The Tebaldi restaurant has always served us very good and interesting food but this weekend they excelled themselves. Paul said his Lamb shank was the best he’s ever tasted (and he’s had some dahling !), whilst Denis and I went for the Chicken Campagnola? (under correction here). Stunning chicken breast marinaded in white wine and cooked with spinach and mozzarella.Thats when the Life from stone kicked in, I think !

Have a look at Temenos website, they have silent weekends,(freaks me out that, just the thought of it ) and pensioners weekends and ‘specials’ often appear on their agends. Treat yourselves, you’ll just want to come back again and again.

For the new readers information, I posted a blog at the end of last year after out previous ‘Christmas Treat” weekend.

Have a great week people, I am going to Majeka House in Stellenbosch for lunch with a couple of girlfriends ( I use the word very loosely here) and look forward to letting you all know my findings….xx