Wine review…Fairhills label Cabernet Sauvignon/ Petit Verdot blend

I picked up this wine as a reccomendation from wine magazine after the Taste of Cape Town the other weekend. It was included in their top ten good value wines from the show.

Well…….I called along to the bottling plant, you really cannot call it an Estate let alone a farm, just off Botterlay Road in Stellenbosch (the old part of Town). It is the most God awful place to find, no signs just big fences and huge Origin Wines displayed on the buildings. But, nil desperandum,I did gain access via the car park of the Caltex gas station on the corner !! I was a man on a mission because the wine in question is available for (BRACE YERSELF) R17 per 750ml bottle, whats a girl to do, I’d scale the north face of the Eiger for wine at that price.

I jest of course, but……a blend of locally grown Cab/Sauv and Petit Verot cannot be a bad wine, can it ?
Well dear reader you’ll be pleased to hear (I hope) that I have a glass of said vino in my left had whilst writing this educational blog with my right digits !!!

The wine is, in my opinion very closely akin to the Haute Cabrierre Pinot Noir and likewise is best served chilled from the fridge. Plenty of subtle fruitiness and hangs around on the tongue (don’t know what the correct phrase in winetstingese is !!!)

Do take a trip out to Stellenbosch and visit Origin Wines and their various local wines available. They do tastings on Saturday mornings only (don’t ask!!).

Good hunting readers, please let me know what you think, but don’t call me if you’re lost, I blog and am not an AA driver !! . Be safe…….x

Decorex 2013…..

We went along to the Decorex at the CTCC earlier today just to keep an eye on new and interesting products on the market.

I love the Decorex along with the Design Indaba held earlier this year(I think, time flies !!)
The wonderful array of ‘home grown’ furnishing, foods and quirky stuff really gives me a buzz.I am so envious of these talented individuals who give it their all and go out of their way to impress and sometimes SHOCK….and why shouldn’t they, boundaries are there to be pushed.

I particularly likes Persepolos from Chelsea Village for stunning imported furniture , Mobelli outdoor furniture with the wonderful “come with me to the Casbah” bed, Bunches for Africa who do just about everything that has a huge camp theme and Shanty Chic for their shabby chic creativity and excellent quality.
I am not on commision for these reccomendations but I live in hope !!

Please do yourself a favour and leave the kids with someone and have a great afternoon indulging your fantasies.

Oh, nearly forgot ……Flavourex beautifully handcrafted cheese from Johannesburg (really!) are an absolute delight, we now have a fridge full and will spoil our guests tomorrow at our housewarming lunch, thats a joke it’ll be a miracle if we are not still ‘warming’ the place late into the evening…~~ …..~~

See you on the other side, have a great weekend.