Freres Bistro Cape Town..

When Freres Bistro opened three months ago I remember thinking ‘thats one for the list’, yesterday was THE day. So I take a while to get to all these delicious eateries in Town !!

The location is very easy to find, next to C’olcacchio on the Foreshore, and is a lovely Victorian Building on the corner of Hans Strydom, the one with the gorgeous broekielace* facade. (* beautiful filigree cast iron decorative panels, for the uninitiated)…….I digress,

The ‘Freres’ are Jason and Dylan Whitehead both with a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry, abley assisted by Daniel and Taryn. One immediately has the feeling that there’s a good team at work here. Love it !!

Giovanna and I were both impressed by the very clever and innovotive menu, so many personal twists on what could be a traditional menu choices…….OK GUYS BRING IT ON, but not before placing a chilled glass of Chardonnay in our eager hands !!
I was very tempted by the hearty onion soup also the Chorizo and white bean cassoulet but eventually
we decided upon a ‘con partir’ approach and went for a beautiful whole mini Camembert pot roasted with truffle oil and pine nuts accompanied by delicious home made very large croutons, wonderful taste combination and perfect for a cold rainy day.

The main course of Confit duck with black cherries and creamed potatoes…DIVINE !!! Trust me dear reader pure heaven on a plate……time for another Chardonnay, por favor ….rude not to really ??

Next time we visit will be with our respective spouses, why should we keep this place to ourselves after all ??

You can contact Freres on 021 418 1609 and or

I am certainly looking forward to our return, maybe we’ll see you there, you really should you know, trust me…….

Have a lovely weekend reader, Paul and I are going to spend part of the weekend as guests at Laborie in Paarl, gorgeous place with lots of wine tastings and a superb restaurant……whats a girl to do ??


Yesterday was the lovely Ms.Julie Summers birthday. She tells everyone she was FIFTY but I think she says that just get the sympathy vote !!

We had a superb evening at The Alphen to celebrate this momentous occasion. Just a select few,like minded people (border line alcoholics and overeaters!!) sharing a joyous evening. Julie is THE most amazing Lady, not only for her superb style and joi de vivre, but her immense sense of compassion and well being. Always there with a cheery word and a big hug, “cures most ailments” I am reliably informed by the birthday girl.

Julie is off on ‘er ‘olidays soon to visit the beautiful Algarve in the south of Portugal as well as paying a flying visit to London to meet the Queen. !! Don’t know which one but knowing her I’m sure it’ll be a big one !!

I took a few pics last night to try and capture the ambience of the occasion, I’ve had to post them on FB and Twitter because for some reason best known to cyber variations I am unable to include them in this blog !

Julie you’re a STAR and we feel honoured to be close to you …..AND YER FROCKS !!!!

Lots and lots of love to you, be safe and enjoy the well earned rest dahling. xxxx

The Pot Luck Club………..Cape Town

Paul and I finally got our s..t together and made a window of opportunity happen….we went to The Pot Luck Club in Woodstock. If you are not a resident in Cape Town you may not have heard of Luke Dale Roberts latest addition to the Cape Town “where to eat” listings.

Luke (I can call him that ‘cos he calls me Tony!) is a superb Chef and (it has to be said) a brilliant business man, AND…..he’s British. !!!
He started in Cape Town (I think) at the superb La Colombe restaurant in Constantia and immediately put both himself and the restaurant on the map. They won accolade after accolade both Nationally and Internationally, because of his extremely innovotive approach to food, cooking and presentation as well as the stunning location of the place.
I must say that La Colombe is still our favourite place to go, its superb food (Scot Kirton is now the Chef) and excellent service combined with the most serene and intimate location will always, in my opinion be a winner…..I digress again….where was I ?? Oh yes The Pot Luck Club !!

The restauarant is located at the Biscuit Mill in Woodstock with 360 degree views of the City, coastline and the ‘Mountain’… thats going to be a winner, without the stunning gourmet offerings.
Now…..its almost impossible to recall all the fantastic and interesting culinary gems on offer here but……lets give it a go !!

Duck spring rolls, pulled lamb with so much stuff, beautiful Thai chicken and pineapple things, fish tacos which are actually cervice with crispy, crispy tacos wafer thin and superb. Pauls favourite was the fillet with truffle and cafe o’lait dressing, which Luke introduced (so he told us) to La Colombe some years ago but my (main course) fave was the Choritzo and fig salad which the Maestro informed us, when he spent five minutes with us and ignored everyone else, was the first dish he introduced to The Loft eatery in London some years ago… there !!

The ‘postresitos’ however are on another kind of level…we had a quince and almond tart with quince icecream with hand made crushed honeycomb..wait, wait there’s more…….we finished with a stunning Affogato with so many different twists apart from the cappacino drizzle including dark beer and black cherries… still my beating heart !! WHATS A GIRL TO DO ???? SO WE DID !!!

The house red blend wine is from the Almenkerk Estate and is absolutley first class in every way, smooth, fruity and so moreish …Paul was driving (bless him) and so I had to drink almost all the bottle…….RUDE NOT TO REALLY !!! (That ones for the lovely Caroline!!).

Whatever you do when next you have a reason to eat out go to The Pot Luck Club….and tell Luke I sent you. xx


Last week I received an invitation from Ian Manley of Manley Communications to attend the launch of the Kleine Zalze new Family Reserve Chenin Blanc 2012……whats a girl to do ??

For those of you who do not know; Kleine Zalze forms part of the De Zalze Winelands Golf Estate and includes Kleine Zalze Lodge, for the ultimate in accomodation, De Zalze Golf Course in spectacular surroundings and Terrior Restaurant that has received numerous accolades and plaudits since its opening ten years ago. They have been producing stunning wines on the Estate since 1695….so I think its fair to say they know a bit about wines !!

We were driven to the Estate in time for a champagne reception and a delicous five course lunch prepared by the award winning chef Michael Broughton and his staff.

The Amuse Bouche was Butternut soup with foie fras ice cream, delightful and accompanied by the Sauvignon Blanc 2012.

First course of Tomato tart with goats cheese and ricotta was a real taste bud pleaser also accompanied by the Sauvignon Blanc 2012 which lead us nicely to;

The second course of Prawn risotto with basil, corn and a tangy sauce Americane, loved it, and with the Chenin Blance Family Reserve 2012 as accompaniment, just what the Doctor ordered (or if he didn’t he should have done) !

Our third course accompanied by the Family Reserve Shiraz 2009 was a superb Angus fillet with braised oxtail, baby onions and shitake and truffle vinaigrette, wonderful flavours here.
Well, dear reader, after these superb offerings a dessert was just about the last thing on my mind, trust me.

However, the multi talented Wine Maker Johan Joubert stepped in here to give us chapter and verse on how the ‘host’ wine Family Reserve Chenin Blanc was produced which, apart from being extremely interesting, gave us time to digest the previous four courses and be ready (more than ready as it turned out!) for the stunning last course;
A dessert of Chocolate (right up my street dahling) Negus with beetroot(really!) and strawberry meringue with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 to help it on its way….and me also, I might add. Tooooo much wine for the middle of the day even for a trouper like myself. Who am I kidding it was the perfect way to end a perfect day, thanks to Ian and also the charming staff and winemakers of Kleine Zalze, in particular Kobus Basson the charismatic Managing Director who sat with us and helped keep us entertained and informed…… Thank you and good night !!!

May Day meandering

Its a lovely thought this May Day thing that everyone, except shop workers, nurses, firemen, doctors etc. get a day off to celebrate the hard work and struggles the Working Man has endured over the centuries. However….(OMW here we go again Tony) there are certain groups of people (I will stick with the word people to make the identification easier)that should maybe give a lot of thought (where possible) to this and envdeavor to pull their finger out, get stuck in and at least try to honour the people that did in fact, and in some cases, still are suffering. Pride is, sadly usually a word that related to Gay marches aand carnivals nowadays, mores the pity. !!

Well, dear reader this blog has started off in a completely differn vein to which I intended, but you know what I’m like going off at tangents and how I hate people taking the preverbial !!!

Now where was I ? We took a drive earlier today back to Glencairn, Simons Town to visit a good friend and meet up for lunch at The Food Barn, Noordehoek Farm Village or is it Noordehoek Village Farm I’m never sure with this, maybe old timers disease setting in …VERY EARLY I MIGHT ADD.!!

We haven’t been to The Food Barn for far to long and, according to Caroline and Alan, “its great”. Well, dear reader you’ll be glad to hear they were right, it is.
The decor is sort of shabby chic with a few crystal chandeliers for a bit of Camp!!! Where would we all be without a little bit of camp I ask myself, and often too.

They have great Autumn Bistro Menu, a delicious choice of three courses with three items per course all for R225 per person……whats a girl to do..???
Their wine list is comprehensive and reasonably priced, I went for the Paul Cluver Riesling that I’d read so much about and I thought would go well with everything including my nasty habit of drinking lunchtime, rude not to really !!

I chose a crumbed and baked brousse (a type of goats cheese for the uninitiated) with a dressing and accompaniment of quince gel (membrillo), rocket and toasted pumpkin seeds. Absoultely divine.!! I have loved quince gel (membrillo) since I lived in the south of Spain where it is eaten with wedges of Manchego cheese and crusty bread.

My second course was grilled sustainable fish, the name of which escapes me, I thought it was Kingklip but it wasn’t, in a beautiful Moroccan sauce with chick peas and roasted veggies. It was superb and proves my point that authenic tasting Moroccan food is possible if you just concentrate and eat at Middle Eastern restaurants where possible, its not rocket science really its not, even I can do it !!

For dessert, I really couldnt make up my mind honestly. I had been keeping a watchful eye on the ‘postresitos’ leaving the kitchen,you really should see me when my heads on a 360 degree spin when the desserts are about !!
However I chose Churros (Spanish influence again strange that) with coconut custard cinnamon icecream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce…..c’mon what would you do ??
Paul and Denis both chose the gooey almond meringue with flambeed bananas in Rum syrup,and they both offered to share (honest guys) with me, which was also extremely good and extremely slimming, perfect no ??

It was a perfect lunch in every way and a perfect day in Cape Town, the sun was shining with a slight warm breeze, we just about made it home in time for a siesta….. que luquo guapiton !!

Keep well and try not to take it all tooooo seriously girls and boys. x