~~The leafy paradise that is……CONSTANTIA ~~

A few months ago Paul and I moved from “Town” in search of a little peace and quiet. It worked, we are in the old part of Constantia in an area known as The Vines.

As I’m sure you know, life can be a strange and everyday is an education. We really had this addiction (for want of a better word) to Town living and were both excited by it. Although what is exciting about having drunken people (pot/kettle I know) carry on their drunken rambling under your bedroom balcony at two in morning is beyond me really . All that coupled with the perpetual traffic noise and pollution made us take the decision to vacate Town as soon as we could. It took about three years for that particular penny to drop, what can I say ?

Once making ones mind to find a quiet space (thats the easy bit), you actually have to FIND this shangrila ! At times we thought it would be easier to look for a needle in a haystack but……nil desperandum boys and girls, if you really focus on your goals you will find the perfect answer……LISTEN TO ME AM I REALLY WRITING THIS ???
Can I hear you thinking ‘how can one so young be so wise’ ??
There must be benefits of growing ‘more mature’ and I guess this is one of them. NOT BEFORE TIME DAHLING, I hear them calling to me from the cheap seats and I guess its well founded as long as it comes from a feeling of love and concern I guess.

I digress again,we found our current home whilst both scanning completely different sites in the vain hope that “today will be the day” and….it was!!

We are in a early Victorian farm house that was added to and renovated in 1904, so loads of character, high ceilings, old pine floors, sash winows the lot…way to go guys an so we got the movers in moy pronto, loaded up both our cars and a couple of weeks later we were ensconced in a new home.
It is sooooo peaceful, surrounded by about a half an acre grounds, its like a small copse not a garden. I think some of the trees were there before the house, very calming for the nerves too. The birds sing here in the morning, they used to cough in Town I’m sure!!!
Squirrels abound stealing the fruits and nuts for their babies, guinea fowl screech at each other in their many and varied tongues, I love it. .Paul does too NOW !!…it took him a while to aclimatise,it was “too quiet” to begin with bless him but now he’s soooooo much more relaxed, in fact I think if he was any more laid back he’d be behind himself !!!

When I moved to Cape Town from the south of Spain I had never lived in a Town let alone a City. It was great fun, a whole new experience and, for a while, I did enjoy the ‘lock up and go’ approach to life.
When I think of the Fincita I had in Spain in the hills of Andalucia about 10 minutes drive to the village of Coin (say co een) an apartment in Cape Town was a million miles from what I was used to, but I took to it very quickly and for the most part enjoyed it.
All things are a learning curve I guess and we all learn to adapt and take on the trials and tribulations that relocting throws at you….OMG I hear from the cheap seats , he’s off again !!

Today is the most beautiful day here in Constantia, spring has sprung I hope. I’ve posted a few pictures for you to get a bit of an idea what I have ‘to contend with’ on a day to day basis, tough work but someones got to do it. Lets hope we stay here for a while and that the gods are good to us and my back holds out !!

Have a great week and be kind to each other and take time to smell the roses…..xx