I recently received an invitation from the lovely Caroline and her ‘hubbie’ Alan, to the launch of Constantia Glens 2013 Rose wine. Being of sound body (sort of) and mind (who’s fooling who here Tony?) I accepted the very kind invitation, it would have been rude not to really, and last night was the night.!!

I have driven past Constantia Glen on many occasion but have not, I am ashamed to say, visited the Estate. What a mistake and extreme oversight that was on my part….WHY HAS NOBODY TOLD ME OF THIS GEM???

The location of Constantia Glen is absolutely stunning, perched high over the Constantia Valley with views to die for, reaching to False Bay on the right and over towards Hout Bay on the left. I must say that as we are now living in Constantia it would be very remiss of me not to try and find a suitable place to live in this particular area. If it takes grovelling to various Bank managers etc…….I can do that, trust me !!

I digress (nothing new there I hear you shout).The whole evening was put together by Gillian DeKock and a resounding success she made of it too. The caterers were first class and extremely professional. However the star of the show the 2013 Rose, containing no less than 5 varietals, is superb and I did my best to accept as much of the hospitality that was forced on me as I could…….whats a girl to do ??

Gus Allen, our amiable host who is the Corporate and Private Sales specialist was his usual charming and informative self. The Winemaker Justin Van Wyk, was I imagine, there but unfortunately I missed him. What an extremely talented young Man he surely is. Not only with the new Rose but the other wines on offer, his superb Red blend of 4 varietals is an absolute winner as is the Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon blend.

Constantia Glen wines are extremely well priced and, it goes without saying that I shall be ‘popping in’ very soon for a little tasting and to stock up the wine store, in case of emergency !!

Thanks ‘Guys’ for an excellent evening. we will return…………..TRUST ME!!

You may contact Constantia Glen Wines on their stunning website.www.constantiaglen.com

Some people…………………REALLY !!!

It has been a beautiful (so far) morning here in Constantia with a few clouds and lots of sunny bits!

So, off I go, credit card fully loaded, for the weekend shop.Boring stuff like food and household things. I had my basket full loaded with nine items in the ten items or less isle. I had already noticed a couple of people in front a very well dresssed lady (she doesn’t deserve the L) with a trolley loaded to the gunnells.At a guess, thirty items I would say.

Now this kind of selfishness and self importance is guaranteed to stick in my craw. The ‘the rules apply to everyone else except me ‘cos I’m a rich bitch’ attitude gets me fired up, and so I watched with interest to see how this scenario would evolve.!!

The young, black cashier tried to explain to the woman about the ten items or less rules, in case the old bitch couldn’t read I guess. This action prompted as loud as her clapped out old lungs could manage “I don’t need people like you to show me or tell me how to spend my money in this store”. The heavily bejeweled (what else?) index finger was pointing and gesticulating for all the World to see.
Her tone and clear intention was extremely racist, you could just feel it in the Estee Lauder infused air the old bat was spewing forth.

The Manager was called and he (exactly as I expected) grovelled and pacified the ranting old bitch and even carried her shopping for her !!
Now….I dread to think what the bitch was like pre 1994, she probably had her many and varied diamonds mined personally and chose the individual before she ‘threw him to the Lions’.

Maybe someone (I would be honoured) should tell the old cow its 2013 and South Africa has moved on and is trying to maintain its progress DESPITE people like her…….!!

There, I feel better now and I sincerely hope someone who knows the old bat and witnessed the whole debacle can muster up the courage to tell her what an exhibition she made of herself and that single handedly she may well have put the racial problems still relevant in South Africa back thirty years.
Personally I feel really sorry for the young cashier who must have found the whole situation embaressing. Hopefully he doesn’t encounter old bitches like this too often in his life. They will all probably be dying off anytime soon.!!

Have a lovely weekend reader and join me with a relaxing bottle of Chenin/Semillon blend, rude not to really…….xx