Glamour !!!

I have followed fashion, fashionable people,elegance whether it be interior design or clothing, for as long as I can remember…….and trust me I can go back a long long way, if pushed sometimes, back to when I was three or four !!! Other days I don’t know what I had for breakfast or, if indeed I’ve actually eaten at all !!!

I was recently looking at press cuttings and old photos and articles I have had since “Kitchener was a lad”.and its amazing to me how some Women can wear a cheap (ish) T shirt and an old pair of jeans and they still manage to look a million dollars, whilst others can couture themselves up to the eyeballs and manage to look like they dressed quickly and from someone elses closet !! Now….in the run of things these observations and comments are not exactly Earth shattering or, indeed, a revelation and “there are people dying out there” !!However, “its my party and I’ll cry if I want to”. !!

My ex wife (Carol) for example has that style and elegance about her that is, in my opinion, an art form. My daughter (princess) Natalie has also inherited this style. She can put on most anything, shush it up, tweak it here and there and she looks stunning. The only difference here being that Carol is extremely tidy (a Virgoan trait I understand) and……Natalie , not so much !! Unless, of course, she has changed drastically over the years, in which case I stand corrected. But when she dresses her bedroom/dressing space/closet always looks(ed) like an explosion in a frock shop !! Sorry dahling if you’ve turned over a new closet door since we last discussed this but, for whatever else it makes for good copy !!! Love you xx

Over recent history if you look at some of the Icons of the silver screen, Audrey Hepburn (of course) Bette Davis, Grace Kelly and also (more laterly) I love how Nicole Kidman looks ( not the acting though sorry ) and the often maligned Gwyneth Paltrow.

It appears that nowadays (boring old fart speaking now )  to be a successful singer you have to look like you just stepped of the cover of a magazine. Sometimes its the Motor Mechanic weekly but you get my drift, I hope.   Rhianna is in my humble opinion a classic case in point. There are times when she looks as grungy as she sounds and then in the next photo shot she’s singing properly and looks a million dollars, metamorphosis I think is the word. I have to say here that the late and extremely fabulous Amy Winehouse (bless her memory) is a classic example, she hadn’t got a clue. I can’t ever recall seeing her looking good, even in the modern idium. Loved her hair tho’ and she stole that from Ronnie Spector from the1960’s group, the Ronetttes……worked a charm Amy, way to go !!

My favourite singer of all time, I’m sure you must know by now unless you’re deaf dumb and blind, was (and still is ) Dusty Springfield. Well……her ‘fashion sense’ at times left an awful lot to be desired. Don’t know if that was because she was both short sighted AND colour blind  (bless her heavily mascaraed) eyelashes).??  But then there were times when she looked absolutely stunning, the glittery frocks, the hair, the whole showbiz Diva ensemble. You take a look at some of her 60’s You tube stuff and her BBC T.V. series footage. NOBODY, but NOBODY could touch her either vocally or visually. Even towards the end of her career and life she took to very simple elegant trousers and tops as befitted a Diva of her age and public personna…… did I get on to Dusty again……stop me someone, stop me quick !!!

I’ve just had a five year old child flash back……!!! stop this Tony you’re not a young Man any more (don’t know if I ever was actually !). There was a school teacher when my Mum used to drag me screaming to school every morning (honestly dear reader I used to hate school with a vengeance) in Buckland Primary in Staines, by the name of Miss Brown. I suppose to be p.c. these days it is Ms. Brown, who cares she’s probably no longer around and if she is, no offence Miss…..I digress again !!. Well Miss Brown, I recall used to wear the most divine checked cotton (sometimes paisley) summer dresses with full stiff petticoats, I kid you not here boys (and bi’s I guess) and girls, I can remember all this like it was yesterday….HOW SAD IS THAT ??? She had short cropped ‘brown’ hair and wore bright red lippie. I can’t remember the cologne though…….what do you want BLOOD ??

My, late and VERY GREAT ‘big sister’, Pat had a great sense style even as a far  back as her teens. I can see her now in skin tight skirts and those  6 inch stiletto heels and my Dad calling after her “you’ll be an invalid by the time you get to thirty “, well…… she wore them forever (not in bed as far as I know !!) and her legs were fine, funny toes…. but whats a girl to do ???

Just to set the record ‘straight’ I love looking at and helping Women buy/choose clothes but have no desire (yet) to wear them but……never say never I guess !!!!

Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what’s going on in whats left of your mind . xxxx