Morgenster Wines….

Whilst at the Good Food and Wine expo at the CTICC last weekend we had occasion to try…(actually we were force fed, we didn’t want to do it !!) Morgenster Wines. They are in the Somerset West area,where they have been producing wines since 1711 !! What absolutely delightful wines they are too, trust me…..We were particularly taken with the Giulio Bertrand three Italian blends of Sangiovese and Nebbiolo grapes. The Bordeaux style wines from this Estate are also a delight.

They have a new label that is currently being launched called Nu Series, watch out for these interesting and well priced wines at your favorite wine merchants.

Morgenster also produce beautiful Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Estate, a must for any kitchen and at very acceptable prices too.

We have promised ourselves a trip out to the Estate to experience it first hand and……sooon !!!

Be safe people and (if its Winter where you are ) keep warm. xx

A review……….South Hill Wine Estate, Elgin.

I have, (for reasons best known to myself) long been intrigued by the Elgin and Grabouw area. I think this is largely attributed to the wonderful scenery , its close proximity to Cape Town and (of course) the wonderful wines and fruits that are produced in the area.!!

I don’t usually go along with the word coincidence , its really a place that you’re at mentally whether you are aware of it or not ! Its an easy statement ‘what a coincidence’ when in fact you’ve been putting it out there for ages (probably) and its now the time! O.K. O.K. all this stuff is a little profound at this time of the day, especially from yours truly….

I digress from my original path….We took a couple of days out last weekend to take a look at the South Hill Estate that has been ‘popping up’ in different blogs, tweets, conversations lately and not being one who like to take other peoples word (God forbid Tony!!) for it, I made the arrangements, told Paul (its best that way around trust me) and so last weekend on a bright sunny Winter morning we packed our bags and headed for the hills. Now, those of you that know me will know (and understand?) why even the act of ‘popping a few things in a bag’ can be a major production, por moi !! Anyway dear reader, we made it and in less than an hours drive from the Moeder Stad.( You’re impressed with the Afrikaans aren’t you, I can tell ???) we arrived, hat boxes and all !!

South Hill is a wonderful place to be, an elegantly designed and furnished Guest Lodge , the rooms are all beautifully appointed and all with stunning views of the Elgin Valley. There is a particularly inviting pool  as well as the inevitable braai area.!!  There is also a self catering cottage available a little away from the main house and more intimate shall we say……..The Gallery restaurant is a beautiful space, light and airy with a lovely eclectic mix of furnishing and (when we had lunch ) clients as well. I love that whole South Africa vibe, its exciting always. We had the most delicious food from a varied and ‘constantly changing’ menu, Our chat to the expert Chef, Damian Dearlove, was a delight. He is such a well traveled Man and having worked in some of the major Cities of the World his art and abilities are highlighted in his food.

The Gallery has (as the name suggests) exhibitions of local artists, both well known and ‘currently undiscovered”. This month has a superb collection of Paula Van Coller Louw, a local Lady (Stellenbosch ) and her artwork is well worth the drive if you are in the area.

The Owners/Managers of South Hill are husband and wife team Kevin and Sandra (Sandie) Kent. Kevins ‘babies’ are his particularly good wines,  I especially loved the Sauvignon Blanc, which is an absolute first for me trust me !! I don’t really go for that particular varietal from any label, cheaper end or high end but…..this one is stunning, fruity and smooth. (Now..smooth is not a word I would ever consider using in connection with a Sauvignon Blanc ) with lots of green undertones, but this one is, trust me, I’ve tried a few, all in the name of science I assure you !!

Also the KK Michah (named after Kevins grandchild) is a stunning blend of Syrah, Mourvedre and Barbera grapes all from the Estate of course. …we invested in a few bottles I can assure you…if drinking delicious wines by a roaring fire is an investment, that is ???

Now….Sandie on the other hand is a delightful hands on Lady looking after the guests and their accommodation needs.Extremely welcoming, very chatty (“I could talk to a brick”) and  very knowlegable about the Elgin Valley and surrounding areas. Our whole weekend was a most pleasant experience and soon to be repeated, (its Pauls birthday in July and it’ll be a nice ‘surprise’ for him…..won’t it ??? ) Onward and upward Tony, it’ll be fine really !

Have a good week dear reader, be kind to people but don’t take any crap !!! xxxx