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I was brought up in England and from an early age, I am told, developed an acute sense of sarcasm, humour and cynicism. These days I tend to mix in healthy doses of compassion and understanding. I guess time is a great teacher.

Most of my working life was in the financial services field, in which I was successful. I was bloody good at what I did and loved every minute of it.  Somewhere along the way I picked up the phrase ‘make every post a winning post’ and I guess that has stuck with me throughout most of my journey. I was living and working in the North London area which brought me into contact daily with “the world and his wife”, what a pleasure and definite eye opener that was.

It was at this time I discovered the many pleasures travel can bring.  My wife, daughter and I visited many exotic locations and met some extraordinary (and some not so much ) people. I guess that was one of the few blessings left if one happened to be born British at that time. I think, that was when I became interested in the peoples of the world and what makes them tick.(or doesn’t, as the case may be)!

I ‘retired’ to the south of Spain along with thousands of other expats it seems. I lived in Andalucia for some years and whilst there helped my beautiful daughter Natalie and her lovely partner Allen start a restaurant. Incidentally Natalie has a brilliant food blog herself and has received many accolades for her stunning recipes and photography. They truly are a great couple and are, above all else, so good for each other, she likes to shop and he likes to do the washing up…stupendo no??

I stuck around for a few years to make sure that it was fully up and running. We had some beautiful, memorable times mostly due to our hard work, but most of all from a deprived sense of the ridiculous and a wonderful sense of humour. (God knows we needed that above all else!). Strangely enough this would turn out to be a time that would lead us all to the biggest turning points in our lives. Some might say I found a new voice and a new purpose and they found inner strength and companionship.

As I said, I was retired and the point finally came where I needed to move on.  The travel bug bit me again and after spending a few months flirting my way around Europe (something I found I was good at too) I decided to visit Cape Town. That was back in 2003, I fell in love. Not only with the country and its people, but with my man, Paul.

I have a concierge agency here, finding beautiful accommodation and recommending the best (in my opinion) places to eat, drink and celebrate life.  It’s easy to combine all these factors with the stunning wine estates the Cape has to offer, as well as some of the finest Hotels in the country. All the above attributes come into play every day and I love it. Here I will write about not only these things, but all that this beautiful country has to offer. And since I tend to have an opinion on so many “other things”,  I may well find the need to write about these “other things” too, trust me !

I hope you find my blog interesting, informative or at the very least amusing…..see you on the other side. x

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  1. I love knowing more about you, and I just mananged to put togerher where the resturant in Spain fits in…. Now I have to read more.
    London’s loss was out gain <3

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