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    Aluminum strands and steel-cored aluminium strands

    Aluminum strand belongs to bare conductor

    At present, Aluminum-clad steel strand (LGJ) is widely used as conductor in China; steel core mainly plays the role of increasing strength, and Aluminum strand mainly plays the role of transmitting electric energy. The cross-sectional area of the conductor varies according to the voltage. For example, the current domestic 500 kilovolt transmission lines are generally LGJ-400/35 conductors. L is the abbreviation of aluminium wire, G is the abbreviation of steel core, J is the abbreviation of stranded wire, 400 is aluminium 400 square millimeter, 35 is steel 35 square millimeter.
    1 Types of aluminium strands and steel-cored aluminium strands as shown in Table 1

    Table 1 Model and Name:




    Aluminum strand


    Steel-cored aluminium strand


    Corrosion-resistant steel-cored aluminium strand

    2.2 Representation
    The product is indicated by model, specification and the number of this standard.
    For example, an aluminium strand with a nominal cross section of 240mm2 is expressed as:
    The nominal cross section is 300mm2 aluminium.
    The steel-cored aluminium strand of steel 50mm2 is expressed as:
    Specifications are expressed by nominal cross sections.
    The specifications of aluminium strands shall conform to Table 2.
    Specifications of steel-cored aluminium strands and anticorrosive steel-cored aluminium strands shall conform to

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